[TOKYO] Music Centre

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Tokyo is the capital of Japan and the center of the greater Tokyo area. The city is in the region on the southeastern side of the main island and is the most populous metropolitan area in the world.

Music comes from the Greek “mousike” in relation to an art inspired by muses. Music is the art of combining sounds and silences, in a way that creates harmony and usually trans- mits an emotion. “Music and Architecture are the only arts that surround you”.

A music Centre can also be know as a “Performing Arts Centre” hosting a variety of classical, contemporary such as jazz, world music and to present other forms of music accompanied performances.

The aim of this International Competition is to design a new Music Centre in the heart of Tokyo. The architecture of this new building should reflect contemporary design tendencies. The proposal must not only attend to the specific function but also take into consideration the urban context and impact. This competition hopes to achieve the following:

_Encourage and reward design excellence at a large scale which integrates function, structure and details. 
_Research, respond to and highlight the unique aspects of designing a cultural building. 
_To generate the discussion of ideas regarding the relation between Architecture and Music. 
_Encourage the employment of sustainable design in all aspects of the proposal.

This is a single stage Competition with the aim of identifing the most appropriate proposal, which best satisfies the general and specific objectives of the contest.

This is an open international competition hosted by [AC-CA]™ to generate progressive contemporary design ideas. There are no plans for the Music Centre to be built. 

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Schedule ///

_Competition Officially Announced - 28th February 2015

_Start of Competition and Early Bird Registration - 04th to 31st March 2015

_Standard Registration - 01st April to 29th May 2015

_Late Registration - 30th May to 30th June 2015

_Deadline for Questions - 10th June 2015

_Closing Date for Submissions - 03rd July 2015

_Jury Evaluation - 10th July - 18th July 2015

_Announcement of Winners and Publication at www.ac-ca.org - 23rd July 2015


Jury ///

This International Competition was jugded by an internal panel of professionals including Architects and Designers.


Prizes ///

Winning participants will receive prizes totaling US$ 6,000 with the distribution as follows:




There will also be 7 honorable mentions


1st Prize, 2nd Prize and 3rd Prize will be published in following magazines as well as on the [AC-CA]™ website:

• aMush Magazine (Morocco)

•  wettbewerbe-aktuell Magazine (Germany)

• Concept Magazine (Korea)

• aROOTS Magazine (France)

 • Monitor International Magazine (Germany, France, Russia)

• A+E Magazine (Morocco)

• ASK Magazine (Egypt)

• Architme.RU Magazine (Russia)

• Future Arquitecturas Architecture Magazine (USA & China)

• Positive Art Magazine (Italy, Germany, Uk)



FAQ ///

Can project proposals be submitted on paper and with an accompanying concept model?
No. All submissions are to be in digital format as stated in the competition brief and the Terms & Conditions.

Are designs below ground level permitted for this competition?
Yes, Participants can design below ground without restriction on levels.

Are paricipants required to show a stage plan and orchestra pits since the venue would also host Opera performances?
Ideally yes.

Is there a specific ratio of VIP seating versus regular seating to adhere to?
There is no specific distribution ratio for VIP seat and regular seating specified. However, as a rule, a higher proportion ofregular seating is expected.

Who are the target audience for the venue?
The general public comprising of locals, national and international visitors including elderly and young children.

Can participants expand the program to include other spaces such as a library within in the building?
Yes, participants are encourage to provide their own vision, however within the topic or main program in the brief.

Is the auditorium within the program only for music performances or a combined music and theatre performance?
The auditorium is to be designed for mainly Music performances which may be accompanied by or include other theatre performances.

Can the stage be larger than the 12m.x12m specified in the program within the brief?
Yes, it can be larger as the specified size in the brief only indicates the minimum permitted.

Are there any topography varations on the site?
Participants may assume the site is flat and of consistent topography

What programs or building use can be found around the site?
The surrounding buildings are mainly commercial.

Should proposals take into account the activities or significance of the park nearby?
No. This is an ideas competition and participants can ignore any activities in the park.

Can the final panel presentation be in vertical (portrait) instead of the specified horizontal (Landscape) format in the brief?
No. Presentation with the incorrect format will automatically be disqualified from the competition