[PARIS] River Champagne Bar

Project ///

Paris is the capital and most populous city of France. It is situated on the River Seine, in the north of the country. Within its administrative limits (the 20 arrondissements), the city had 2,234,105 inhabitants in 2009 while its metropolitan area is one of the largest population centres in Europe with more than 12 million inhabitants.

Champagne is a sparkling wine produced from grapes grown in the Champagne region of France following rules that demand secondary fermentation of the wine in the bottle to create carbonation. Champagne appellation law only allows grapes grown according to appellation rules in specifically designated plots within the appellation to be used in the production of Champagne.

The aim of this International Competition is to design a Champagne Bar along the Paris river “Seine” and by the romantic “Pont des Arts”. This competition hopes to achieve the following:

_Encourage and reward design excellence at a medium scale which integrates function, structure and details. 
_Research and investigate the various combination possibilities to create a social space within the city. 
_To generate the discussion of ideas regarding the relation between architecture and water. 
_Encourage the employment of sustainable design in all aspects of the proposal.

This is a single stage Competition with the aim of identifing the most appropriate proposal, which best satisfies the general and specific objectives of the contest.

This is an open international competition hosted by [AC-CA]™ to generate progressive contemporary design ideas. There are no plans for the Architecture Champagne Bar to be built. 

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Schedule ///

_Competition Officially Announced - 25th February 2014

_Start of Competition and Early Bird registration - 03rd March to 31st March 2014

 _Standard Registration - 01st April to 30th May 2014

_Late Competition Registration - 31st May to 03rd July 2014

_Deadline for Questions  - 10th June 2014

_Closing Date for Submissions  - 07th July 2014

_Jury Evaluation - 10th July - 18th July 2014

_Announcement of Winners and posted on www.ac-ca.org - 22nd July 2014


Jury ///

_André Espinho - Architect (Portuguese)

_Romain Braida - Architect / Urbanist (French)

_Gemma Barton - Designer / Curator / Lecturer / Writer Critic / Columnist (British) 


Prizes ///

Winning participants will receive prizes totaling US$ 6,000 with the distribution as follows:




There will also be 7 honorable mentions


1st Prize, 2nd Prize and 3rd Prize will be published in following magazines as well as on the [AC-CA]™ website:

• aMush Magazine (Morocco)

•  wettbewerbe-aktuell Magazine (Germany)

• Concept Magazine (Korea)

• aROOTS Magazine (France)

 • Monitor International Magazine (Germany, France, Russia)

• A+E Magazine (Morocco)

• ASK Magazine (Egypt)

• Architme.RU Magazine (Russia)

• Future Arquitecturas Architecture Magazine (USA & China)

• Positive Art Magazine (Italy, Germany, Uk)



FAQ ///

The site photographs shows a red boundary within the specified site for the competition. Do we have to design within this boundary?
The boundary lines in photographs (and dwg file) are indicative this case as participants are at liberty to extend in the river banks based on their design with attention to the access steps near the indicated area.

Can we include additional functional zones to the overall project?
Yes, participants are allowed to extend the program provided the specified zones are included.

Is the existing metal door which is located behind the third tree suppose to be accessible or not?
Participants can omit this service door as this does not form part of the project.

Is there any water utility point or plumbing on the site?
No, this is no accessible water utility point or plumbing within the selected site as part of the competition.

Is it possible to include a float structures?
Yes, adding a floating structure onto the river within the specified site is possible.

Could we include something like a space for boat mooring outside the set boundary?
Yes, you can add a boat mooring if necessary.

Is it possible to extend vertically so that a direct access from the road level could occur?
Yes this is possible as part of your own design.

Do we have to maintain the possibility for pedestrians to pass along the river bank?
Not necessarily as pedestrians can also walk on the street above for a short distance.

Can the stair case that connects the street with the project area be modified or be replaced?
The existing stair can be modified to follow the "heath and safety regulation" (eg: adding ramps, etc..) but can't be removed. 

What is the size of these particular trees at the site?
The trees height is approximately 20m / 25m.

What is the river direction flow?
The selected site for this competition is situated on the right bank of the river Seine, this means the river flow is on the West direction.

Can we dig below ground to create a basement level?
Yes, if it is part of your design.

Can the design proposal for this competition be submitted using a different media to that specified in the brief e.g using a video to aid the understanding of the proposed design?
No. Only a single (1) board horizontal digital image (*.jpeg, *.jpg ) is acceptable as stated in the competition brief.

Can a separate toilet cubicle be included as part of the design for the VIP area?
Yes, it can.

Can the design take into account the possibility of the Seine overflowing onto the site or busting it's banks?
Participants can ignore the fact that the river Seine may overflow as this rearly happens and has been taken into account in the river bank design.

Can we use the existing wall as part of our structure?
Yes, existing walls can be incorporated into your design proposal.

What are the repetitive circular metal volumes protruding along the walls of the River Seine banks as shown in the photos?
The circular metal ring elements along the wall are anchor points for mooring boats.

Should we maintain the existing elevated platform and floor surface?
There is no restriction. The design proposal and approach to the project for the site is left to participants.

Can participants use photographs taken with a different perspective taken of the site instead of those provided as part of the competition brief package?
Yes, participants can take their own photographs.

Is there a limit to how high we can build?
No, there are now restriction for this competition. However, participants are free to adhere to the Paris building height limit of up to 180 meters (around 590 feet).

Can the existing river bank walls be altered such as adding or constructing a large horizontal beam as a cantilever?
No. The existing walls along the river bank should not be destroyed or altered.

Does the existing marble public seating on the site (in front of the trees) have to be maintained?
No. The marble stone seating can be removed.